Listen up buyers!

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The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) is giving you until Monday, October 4 to lock in a low monthly mortgage insurance premium (MIP), because after that day, MIP will increase by over 63%.  Yikes!

What does this mean to you? 

“A home buyer purchasing a $200,000 home using a $193,000 FHA mortgage before October 4 would pay an insurance premium of $88.46 per month.  If the same home buyer waits until after October 4, the insurance premium would jump to $148.01.”  Read the rest of the article here.

Interestingly enough, if a buyer plans to sell within three years of settlement and elects to pay the upfront fee himself – as opposed to having the seller pay it – the buyer will actually benefit from waiting until after October 4, since upfront premiums are being reduced from 2.25% to 1%.

So, whether you’re actively house hunting or simply thinking about buying this fall, you should contact your mortgage lender to determine which strategy is better for you.  If you don’t have a lender, send me an email or post a comment below, and I will gladly give you a recommendation for an amazing lender. 

Don’t forget, you can always calculate your monthly payments based on purchase price and down payment amounts with the mortgage calculator on my site.

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