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Have you ever mysteriously started receiving magazine subscriptions that you never purchased?   

Town and Country has been showing up in my mailbox this year, and I must say…it’s awesome.   

Town and Country, January 2001

Town and Country, January 2001

Remember that Sex and the City episode when just-starting-out Carrie said she would buy Vogue instead of food, because it was more filling?  

source unknown

I get that. 

Not the giving up food part, because let me tell you, Vogue would lose that battle all day long.  And I love Vogue. 

BUT, isn’t curling up on the sofa with a new glossy magazine so cozy and satisfying?  Where else can you find such incredible inspiration? 

Case in point: is this the most divine garden you’ve ever seen?

via Town and Country

Add to that one super hip family photo of the owners, and I’d say it’s the perfect spread.

via Town and Country

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