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#1 Mascot

Not only do the Phillies have the #1 pitching lineup in all of baseball, but according to Forbes Magazine’s latest list, we also have the #1 mascot in all of sports. Well, we already knew that.

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Pretty House of the Week

I went to college in New England, so I am, by default, a snow lover.  But I have tell you, I don’t remember ever having this many snowfalls in one winter during my four years in the Woo.  I am … Continue reading

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Pretty House of the Week

Another snow covered Friday here in Philadelphia = another snow covered house for this week’s pretty. That front door is amazing.  Wouldn’t you just love to see the inside of this house?

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Weather in Philadelphia

Have you ever noticed how often people in Philadelphia talk about the weather?  People at the coffee shop, people at the dry cleaners, people in the grocery store, people at the mall, people at the gym.  People everywhere.  I never … Continue reading

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I Hate the Schuylkill

If you live in or are from Philly, you know how awesome and how equally awful the Schuylkill is.   You get one amazingly fast trip into the city and you forget the other 578 times you sat on it in bumper … Continue reading

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